Rules of Conduct & Dress Code

Welcome. These rules are designed to ensure that your visit is safe, entertaining, and comfortable. To ensure fairness, there is only one set of rules and they apply to everyone, regardless of your experience level.

Enjoy yourself. Play safe. We want your visit to be so positive that you'll be excited to come back again and again.

Dress Code

Fetish wear is encouraged. No blue jeans, no athletic wear or street clothes will be allowed. Any and all fetish outfits, costumes, leather, PVC, latex, lingerie are welcome. Black jeans or black dress pants will be allowed.

Rascal's General Policies

No minors. We support Safe and Sane play among consenting adults. You must be 19 years of age to be on the premises.

No drugs. Drugs are NOT permitted in the building. Persons found in possession of or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave.

BDSM Play and alcohol don't mix. We ask that you not indulge in alcohol before you play. ONLY bottled water is allowed in the Dungeon. If the DM's believe you are impaired your scene will be stopped.

No smoking except in designated smoking lounge.

Play in Dungeon ONLY! All BDSM scenes or play is restricted to the Dungeon Area of the building. Absolutely no play is allowed in the lounge, restrooms or smoking area.

Don't intervene. If you see something going on that disturbs you, do not intervene. Bring the matter to the attention of a Dungeon Monitor.

Cell / Camera Phones are NOT to be used anywhere in the building. Anyone seen using or even holding a cell phone will be questioned. Leave your cell phone in your bag!

No photography, video/audio taping of any kind are allowed in the building.

Observe event ending times. City bylaws require that we close at 1:00 am. Keep an eye on the time and wind down scenes and conversations so that you are ready to leave at 1:00 am.

Be consensual. "No" means "No." Do not attempt to continue conversations if the other party is clearly uncomfortable.

Disclaimer: Rascals Productions reserves the right to refuse service to anyone deemed to cause concern for the comfort, safety and enjoyment of its attendees..

Rascal's Dungeon Rules

DM decisions are final . The Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team, are responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules and maintaining an enjoyable environment for all. If you dispute the requests of a Monitor, discontinue the action in question and discuss it calmly. If you wish, you may appeal the matter to a DM coordinator. DM Coordinator's decision are final, and will be supported by Event Management.

No prostitution or "Pro" scenes. Prostitution is described as the act of offering or providing sex for money and is prohibited. Although not considered "prostitution", Pro scenes - providing a play scene for a fee is also prohibited.

Respect scenes in progress. Do not touch another person or enter a scene in progress without permission. Do not carry on conversations or ask questions of people involved in scenes. Also avoid loud conversation in the vicinity of scenes in progress. Do not encroach on scenes, give players space to play.

Be Tidy. Please assist our clean-up crews, who are volunteers, by placing all waste in the containers provided. Clean up after yourselves. Spray bottles of Ultraquat Germacidal replacing the 10% bleach solution are provided. Please spray down and wipe off all play equipment after use. Report spills or breakage. Accidents happen, but for the safety of all, please report all spills or breakage to a staff member or DM.

Don't take risks. Play only to the level and experience of yourself and your partner. Do not leave subs/bottoms unattended.

No sex. For the purpose of this rule, "sex" is defined as oral/genital, oral/anal, genital/genital, or genital/anal contact. In plain words, no fucking, sucking or rimming. Solo Play - masturbation will not be allowed.

Observe the barrier rule . Any toy or fingers inserted in a body cavity must have a latex barrier applied. In other words, toys or insertables must be condomized and inserted fingers must be gloved. Condoms and gloves are provided free of charge, and may be found at any of the "PlaySafe" stations throughout the dungeon area.

Bloodsport rules. Any activity which is likely to result in bloodshed must either be conducted in designated area or on a tarp which may be obtained from a Dungeon Monitor.

Restricted activities. For the purpose of a public play party, those who enjoy play rape, face punching, golden showers or cocktails, and scat are requested to save them for play at home. Take-down scenes and "chase" scenes must be approved by the DMs.

No fire-related play of any kind is permitted in the WISE Hall.

No firearms whether real or replicas, stun guns, tazers or irritants such as bear spray or mace.

Use a spotter when any person is standing in mummification or tight bondage, or where a collar is attached to a rigid item such that strangulation may occur if the person falls.

A Safeword/sign is required for all scenes. The house safeword is "SAFEWORD" or "RED". When a gag is used, a safe sign must be arranged with the DMs.

Report injuries and equipment problems. All injuries or any equipment problems must be immediately reported to a Dungeon Monitor.

Electrical play. No cross-chest or above-the-neck electrical play is permitted. High impact devices such as cattle prods or shock boxes must be used below the waist only.